Friday, May 17, 2013

First Post From The Continent of Africa!

This has been the adventure of a lifetime and yet we have not been able to update you yet!  Our connection to the internet is very limited, but we will update you as able.  

Since leaving the States on Sunday, May 12, our team traveled thousands of miles to Amsterdam and then on to Cape Town. Keep in mind that many of our guys have only flown 1 Florida for our National Tournament.  When we landed in Cape Town on Monday night, we were surprised by hundreds of people from Breakthrough Church (see pictures).  From there, we hit the ground running.  On Monday night, we went and ate at the Pastor Ross' home.  Early Tuesday morning we woke up and were given a "lay of the land" tour of Cape Town - including a trip to Hout Bay for Fish n Chips.  Tuesday evening we ran training sessions for 8 of the Belhar Spurs Football (soccer) Club teams...aged U7 up to U18.  This was a great experience as our team divided into two's and each took responsibility of a team session.  On Wednesday we again woke up early and drove to Gardenia Primary School.  There we spoke to the children about Goals and Dreams.  We were also able to share the Gospel with over 900 kids and faculty.  This was AWESOME!  From there we ate lunch and then went on to the University of the Western Cape.  We got to have a training session of our own in preparation for our game the next evening.  After the training session we were able to join the Midweek Service at Belhar...Each player gave a testimony - the Lord really blessed this.  After another late evening to bed, we woke up early on Thursday to speak at another school.  This time we spoke at Excelsior Academy.  From there we ran training sessions for some more club teams...coaching and encouraging the kids.  Then, at 8:00pm on Thursday night we played in the GAME OF A incredible evening that provided the environment of an International Match between USA and South Africa...we played the Belhar Spurs in the stadium at Erica Park.  The pageantry of the evening was astounding, with local dignitaries smiling and vuvuzelas loudly blaring!  We won the game 3-0...with Steven Fiema scoring a cracker of a goal in the first 2 minutes of the match.  We ate and talked with the team following the match, and from there we went to bed.  Today is friday.  Its a day to enjoy with little responsibilities.  This morning we were able to go to the top of Table Mountain.  From there it is easy to see why this is called the MOST BEAUTIFUL CITY IN THE WORLD.  It truly is.  Tonight we are Ice Skating with the teens from the church...that's right, Ice Skating...many of our guys will ice skate tonight for the first Africa.  That makes me laugh :).   God bless you all for your prayers.

Friday, May 10, 2013

Final Preparations For South Africa!

God's people have been so encouraging in these last couple weeks.  If you are reading this, you have encouraged us.  Two weeks ago I saw a MOUNTAIN in front of us.  It was the burden of raising and earning funds for this trip.  The guys on the team have been anxious to see how the Lord would provide.  Well, He has provided in really cool ways.  Just two days remain before we fly out.  Many of the guys are working and earning a lot of their funds, and they have seen checks of $10 to $20 trickle in...and add up.  The fact that many of you made a decision to give to one of the guys on our team is no small thing.  We want to honor your investment in us.  We desire to serve people while we are there.  We want to put your money to good use.  We want to brighten peoples days and build friendships.  We represent Grace College.  We represent the USA.  Our chief goal is to represent the Lord well, and to make Him famous.  Please pray that we do just that, and that we will have humility, boldness, and courage to share the Gospel.  Truth and Grace. Please pray that God will use this time to give direction and even purpose to many of our guys lives.  So, the financial mountain is almost in the past...and now, God willing, we will be standing atop Table Mountain in the Worlds Most Beautiful City.  God bless you!

Monday, April 29, 2013

Recent Alumni Travel To IWU

On Saturday, April 27, about 13 of our recent alumni traveled to Marion, IN to play against Indiana Wesleyan University.  This was a great time of fellowship!  Our Alumni Office at Grace College also treated us to dinner at Pizza Hut following the game.  It was fun catching up with these recent grads!

Thursday, April 25, 2013

38 Years Later...Still Training Together.

Three Grace College Men’s Soccer Alumni immediately after the Colorado Springs Christian School  "Tim Tebow Event" on April 13th.  Jeff Cahill, Paul Henning, and Roland DeRenzo - about 38 years after meeting each other in Winona Lake in 1975 J.  This picture speaks louder than words.  It shows us that playing soccer together for four years is really about so much more than soccer.  Soccer is just the platform that brings us together.  It is also a platform to clearly and loudly proclaim the name of Christ - for life.  Who better to do that than teammates?  Or, better yet, brothers?  For more information on the special events that have been held at CSCS, check out this link...  

Grace Men's Soccer Team South Africa Mission Trip 2013!

Pictured from left to right: Alwin Arendse, Chris Ross, Lucille Ross, JC Ross, and Coach Hotchkin
On May 13-23, the Grace College Men's Soccer Team will be traveling to Cape Town, South Africa to work with Pastor Chris Ross and his family.  We will
be practicing sports ministry, running soccer clinics, playing games against pro teams.  This will be the trip of a lifetime!  We will keep you updated right here on our team blog.

Friday, August 26, 2011

Psycho Head-Doctor Working with the Backline

Well yesterday was an interesting practice...Coach Matt Miller, Alum from the 1990's, and current director of Health and Wellness at Grace College, worked with our defenders on our ability to gain an edge on the opponent.  Some would call these techniques "gamesmanship".  The techniques work on immature and undisciplined players and teams - and for a while, they worked on our offense.

Matt is a liscenced clinical psychologist, trained at Michigan State University, and from there went into the Airforce - training fighter pilots to adapt to adverse circumstances, say for instance losing engines on a $113,000,000.00 F-35 Joint Strike Fighter while screaming towards the dirt. 

We take the field again today at 3:45pm for another session...our goal is to "Play In The Future"...i'll explain that a bit more in a future post.

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